Keynote Panel: Designing an Elegantly Simple Medtech Solution

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Thursday, December 9 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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Event Location

Location: Medtech Theater (Booth 1537)

Event Information

Title: Keynote Panel: Designing an Elegantly Simple Medtech Solution

Type: Medtech Session

Badge Type: Free Conference


Healthcare is an incredibly complex industry, so patients, providers, and other stakeholders are always looking for any opportunity to make things simpler. Join Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) winners and industry veterans who discuss how to streamline, simplify, and strip down their devices to make users’ lives easier. Topics include:

  • Learn why simplicity trumps complexity when it comes to medical device design today
  • Explore ways to distinguish which bells and whistles are worth including in a device and which add-ons only serve to distract and disengage users
  • Hear about the features some best-in-class devices left on the cutting room floor and why
  • Walk away with strategies to bring a less-is-more approach to your next medical device design project