Panel: Understanding the Venture Capital Process - Funding Your Next Device

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, December 7 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM

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Location: Medtech Theater (Booth 1537)

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Title: Panel: Understanding the Venture Capital Process - Funding Your Next Device

Type: Medtech Session

Badge Type: Free Conference


Understanding the way venture capital funding works can help entrepreneurs attract the capital critical to success. What attracts venture capitalists (VCs) to fund certain start-ups and entrepreneurs, and not others? In general, VCs look for important characteristics when analyzing a start-up's potential, in particular, sizable market opportunities, products that address unmet needs in innovative ways, and management talent. Being able to prepare a road map of key milestones over time to determine when to raise funds and how much you need is critically important. Here from top medtech experts about the best way to fund your next product. Topics include:

  • A review of various funding options like angel investors, government programs, corporate investors and opportunity zones
  • Avoiding the “valley of death”, that period of time from receipt of initial capital to revenue generation
  • Case examples and experiences of funding dilemmas faced by those before you